Laws Of Marriage In Nigeria

Nigeria is as pluralistic in her overall sets of laws as she is in ethnic make ups. There are fundamentally three frameworks of law in Nigeria I.e the English law, Customary law and Islamic law (otherwise called Sharia law). after an accident

Every one of these laws has its arrangement of marriage, however they have their disparities and similitudes. All the three frameworks of marriage are equivalent at any rate regarding their acknowledgment as marriage that could be lawfully contracted in Nigeria by any individual who wishes.

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It is feasible for an individual to contract two relationships, one under the Customary law and the other under the Islamic law yet this is inadmissible taking everything into account.

It is significant now to view every one of the relationships for certain subtleties.

English Law Marriage

Contracting relationships in accordance with the principles of the English law is represented by the Marriage Act in Nigeria. As far back as 1860 the court had, in Hyde versus Hyde, characterized marriage as ” the willful association for life of one man and one lady to the avoidance of all others”. This has been acknowledged as the significance of the English law marriage from that point onward. This sort of marriage unmistakably severely dislikes polygamy.

For a union with be legitimate and qualified as an English law marriage in Nigeria, the under recorded conditions specified by the Marriage Act should be conformed to.

Conditions for Valid English Law Marriage

Gatherings to the marriage probably consented to be a couple

The man more likely than not recorded a notification in the Marriage Registry inside the region where the marriage is to be praised, expressing his goal to get hitched

The notification is then entered in the Marriage Notice Book by the enlistment center

The notification stays open for at least 21 days before the Registrar can give Marriage Certificate

During the 21 days, anyone who so wishes may enter an admonition as an issue with the arranged marriage

Now, the Registrar will allude the admonition to the High Court which will decide the destiny of the proviso for sure

Where the admonition is held legitimate by the High Court, the Registrar will be halted from giving the Marriage Certificate until the protest brought up in the proviso stops to exist

Where the High Court nullifies the proviso, the Registrar will continue to give the Marriage Certificate. The issuance of the Marriage Certificate ought not be sooner than 21 days or later than 3 months from the hour of filling a notification of goal to get hitched by the man.

Different Factors That May Prevent Issuance of the Marriage Certificate

Aside from any protest that might be contained in an admonition, the Registrar should not issue the Marriage Certificate in any of the accompanying circumstances:

where none of the gatherings has been inhabitant in the zone where the marriage is to be praised 15 days going before the issuance of the marriage authentication

where the Registrar is fulfilled that one of the gatherings is a minor (I.e underneath age of 16)

where assent of one of the gatherings to the marriage is acquired by extortion, dress, unjustifiable impact, mixed up character or a gathering unequipped for giving agree because of mental weakness

where the gatherings have blood relationship like cousins

where one of the gatherings is now hitched either under the English or Customary law.

Festivity of Marriage

The marriage itself can occur in both of two spots I.e the Marriage Registry or a position of love.

On account of the Marriage Registry, the accompanying conditions apply:

it should happen before the recorder

there should be in any event two observers, and

it should happen between 10 am to 4pm.

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