Premarital Counseling


   4 Hour Premarital Counseling Course with Rev. Shirley Saunders

Cost: Included in the wedding fees for the church, or if done privately $50 per session. Upon completion receive a certificate.

1. Session 1 (1 ½ hours) – Discussion Questions:

            A. Why do you want to marry? Give specific reasons.

            B. What goals do you have for your marriage?  

                a. now            b. in five years

            C. What is your Christian Commitment?

                1) Privileges and responsibilities of a Christian marriage           

            D. How do you communicate to your partner?

            E. How do you resolve conflict and tension in your relationship?

                1) Techniques to handle conflict – Relationship Bank Account  

            F. Begin planning marriage ceremony



1. Fill out Premarital Questionnaire

2. Assigned Reading:

            1. “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

            2. “Financial Peace” by Dave Ramsey

2. Session 2 (1 ½ hours) Discussion Questions:

    1. Responses to Questionnaire and continuing conversation with couples’ specific questions

    2. Discuss communication contents in Book “Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

*What is your partner’s love language and how will you use that information?

3. Continue marriage ceremony planning


3. Session 3 (1 ½ hours) Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss financial responsibilities using Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace.”

2. Continue discussing couples’ questions.

3. Discuss children and parenting responsibilities

4. Finalize marriage ceremony & license requirements