We are pleased that you have chosen First Presbyterian Church for this very special occasion in your life.

We invite you to visit our church for any of its services and programs.

We want to be Beacons of Christ’s light in the community.


Wedding Fees

  1. Wedding Fees

Members                   Non-Members

Ask in office              $1400.00

Includes:        Sanctuary, Minister, 3 counseling sessions,

                        Organist/Pianist, Custodian, Facility Coordinator

                                    Loggia/Reception Fees

Loggia (Without Kitchen)                 $300.00

Loggia (With Kitchen)                     $350.00

Custodian                                      $100.00

Facility Coordinator                        $100.00 


All music must be appropriate for a Christian service of worship. The church organist will normally play for all weddings and the rehearsal at the church. Guest musicians are allowed only if prearranged/permission has been granted by the Session.

Decorations and Flowers

If you choose to use a kneeling bench, our church custodian will rearrange the chancel furnishings. You may not use nails, thumbtacks, scotch tape, masking tape or adhesives of any kind on the walls, pews, furniture or floors. Please note that if your florist is to deliver any flowers during a designated time, it must be prearranged through the church’s Wedding Consultant.

Wedding Consultant

First Presbyterian Church will provide a Wedding Consultant.  It is the responsibility of this consultant to review church policies with the couple to be married, and to assure that policies are followed.


To determine if the date you want is available on the church calendar, please speak with our church secretary at (561-655-1707) to schedule a tentative wedding date.As far in advance as possible, the prospective bride and groom must meet with First Presbyterian’s Minister who will discuss the wedding ceremony with them, provide counseling, and answer all questions the couple may have about the service. The couple needs to consult with the Wedding Consultant who will answer all questions pertaining to the wedding. No date or time is confirmed until these meetings have taken place.

Minister in Charge

The Rev. Shirley Saunders is in charge of all wedding services conducted at First Presbyterian Church. It is acceptable to have another ordained minister assist or officiate – providing approval of the Session and Pastor Shirley.

General Rules

The Bride and Groom are responsible to make certain to observe the following rules.

  1. Church rules dictate that throwing rice is not permissible, as it is harmful to birds and is frequently carried back inside where it is difficult to remove from the carpet.
  2. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed or served on the church campus. No one shall attend the rehearsal or wedding under the influence.
  3. Smoking is prohibited on the church campus.
  4. The Wedding Consultant must be present anytime the church is open for wedding activities.
  5. Flowers and all personal articles are to be removed as soon as possible after the wedding. The church is not responsible for items left behind.
  6. Please insist that members of the wedding party be prompt for the rehearsal as well as the wedding.

Additional Fees

Additional Fees apply for such services as

  • Use of the Fellowship Hall and/or Kitchen for a Reception
  • Reception Consultant
  • Custodian Services for Reception Clean-up
  • Candles & Candelabras

These fees will be discussed at your meeting with the Wedding Consultant.


Complete the form on the Wedding Brochure to apply for a wedding at First Presbyterian Church of West Palm Beach.